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Welcome to Project Tulpa, a non-governmental organization exploring the power and nature of consciousness.




In 1986, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States government, in cooperation with the Monroe Institute (TMI) and Itzhak Bentov, author of Stalking the Wild Pendulum, released the Gateway Experience - an official report on the power and nature of consciousness.. Core to its findings was the discovery that reality as we perceive it exists within consciousness, and that what we as human beings experience as dimensional space is in fact a hologram - conclusions echoed over millennia of subjective research conducted by various scholars, quantum theorists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders across a vast range of practices and doctrines. Through its experiments, the Gateway Experience scientifically established that consciousness-based, holographic reality can be manipulated through deep concentration and creativity - including the manifestation of thoughtforms into sentient beings inhabiting alternate non-physical realities. The explorer, anthropologist, and opera singer Alexandra David-Néel documented such a process almost a century ago in her book Magic and Mystery in Tibet. Her work extensively chronicles the practice of making tulpas, or tulpamancy - the Buddhist process of generating non-physical identities via mental projection. The practice she documented aligns precisely with the findings of TMI and the Gateway Experience. The dawn of cyberspace has seen a renewed interest in the practice of tulpamancy - within the last few years a myriad of Bulletin Board System (BBS) discussion boards have given rise to a brand of modern tulpamancy that approaches the digital world as a non-physical spiritual realm ripe for thoughtform actualization.


The five basic underlying tenets of Project Tulpa are as follows:

  1. Consciousness is fundamental.
  2. Physical reality is a hologram.
  3. True reality is non-physical.
  4. Physical reality is, through concentration and creativity, malleable.
  5. Non-physical realms of imagination can become actualized realities.

Project Tulpa's core objective is the development of an integrated, interactive, and scientifically supported approach to investigating power and nature of consciousness. More specifically, the Project Tulpa aims specifically to explore the actualization of thoughtforms into holographic reality through the use of extended concentration practices (meditation), altered mind states, enhanced imagination exercises (patterning), and collaborative creative practices. The execution of Project Tulpa's mission requires the establishment of a core group of creatives and technicians to collectively imagine and actualize thoughtforms and the development of public rituals (forcings) to bring non-physical realities into holographic existence.

Eternal September

The inaugural initiative of Project Tulpa is Eternal September, an extensive alternate reality consisting of a large web of interlocking tulpas. The initiative posits that the intermingling of multiple tulpas will have an exponential effect on the power and detail of the actualization process, leading to the full realization of an autonomous alternate reality populated by sentient beings and group entities. In accordance with the Gateway Experience's findings, Project Tulpa employs individuals with extraordinarily vivid and active imaginations in this pursuit - musicians, visual artists, creative technologists, computer coders, and actors - as well as scientists and scientific advisors from the fields of quantum theory, artificial intelligence, mythology, theology, and computer science. Eternal September participants are asked to delve deep into their subconscious in order to create tulpas that are reflections of their unadulterated thoughts and feelings, invigorating the process of actualization with passion and emotional resonance.

Eternal September, in its current form, can be experienced via five portals:

  1. Wiki :: a separate and discrete digital wiki system dedicated solely to the documentation and realization of the Eternal September world.
  2. Patternings :: private, semi-private, and public rituals/events involving the invocation and documentation of the Eternal September reality. Some forcings bear a surface resemblance to performances but include a participatory "audience" in the ritual process.
  3. Installations :: static but immersive experiential spaces designed to provide direct access to the Eternal September reality.
  4. Documentations :: documentary films, papers, and academic analyses of the Eternal September reality.
  5. Objects :: the creation and dissemination, both private and public, of physical objects indigenous to the Eternal September reality.

Public access to the Eternal September wiki is available at


In reflection of Project Tulpa’s unique mission, the initiative boasts a diverse range of partners across different disciplines, including:

The Brown Arts Institute of Brown University
Woods Hole Institute
New Amsterdam
The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Figureight Recordings
Liquid Music
The Walker Art Center
The Great Northern Festival
Project Tulpas work is also made possible by individual and foundational contributions.


The Gateway Experience
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